Monday, June 20, 2011

WATCH: Fanmade "Raiders of the Lost Ark" trailer with Tom Selleck

Trailer rotated in white and black (in homage to the serial of adventures of the years 30 and 40) of this movie directed by Steven Spielberg and taken place by George Lucas, and that it has an excellent trio main character:

- Tom Selleck (Indiana Jones). Lucas´s woman, Marcia, thought of the actor to interpret the character. Tom carries out his test together with Sean Young, being so good his performance that the producers gave him the paper in April of 1.980. "Selleck was ideal", Lucas thought.

- Debra Winger (Marion Ravenwood). The young actress you presents to the tests for the paper of Marion in January of 1.980, being in all the lists of candidates of Spielberg, Lucas, Frank Marshall and Kathy Kennedy until April of that same year. Being selected for the paper of Marion, after to win a voting by hand run of with to its but strong rival. Sean Young.

- Danny De Vito. (Sallah). Spielberg thought of the actor so that interprets the Bedouin Egyptian softly and friend of Indy. The actor accepts it charmed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Would Tom Selleck made a good Indiana Jones?

Would Tom Selleck made a good Indiana Jones? - Op-Ed by Cassam Looch

It's part of movie folklore now, but pictures have been released of Tom Selleck's screen test for Indiana Jones. The TV star was one of the first to be offered the iconic role for 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', but turned it down to see out his contract on 'Magnum P.I'.

In a costume similar to the one that Harrison Ford made his own, Selleck is complete with his own trademark: the moustache that has become his calling card.

The daring adventures of the archaeologist went on to spawn three sequels and countless spin-offs, but would any of that have been possible with Selleck in the lead role?

Producer George Lucas was the man pushing for Selleck, reportedly wanting to opt for an unknown actor rather than some of the established names that had been put forward. He also wanted to avoid casting Ford again, having worked with him on the 'Star Wars' films and 'American Graffiti'.

Director Steven Spielberg, however, knew that Ford would be perfect and when Selleck eventually dropped out Spielberg got his man.

Other names rumoured to be in the frame were Nick Nolte, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and Jack Nicholson. We can't really imagine any of those donning the hat, leather jacket and whip for the series. Or maybe we just don't want to.

Selleck has gone on to find success on the big screen with 'Three Men and a Baby' and its sequel, as well as a few other hits, but nothing matches the one that got away.

Indeed he has tried (and failed) to find other action hero roles in films like 'Quigley Down Under' and 'High Road to China', which mimic the formula perfected by Spielberg, Lucas and Ford. Well perfected for three films anyway.

Ironically, having opted to stick with 'Magnum P.I.', Selleck was left twiddling his thumbs as a writers strike delayed filming by six months... just enough time to have completed 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

Surely the video footage of this screen test would be the holy grail for Indiana Jones fans.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones Raiders poster

This is a great job by the folks at

Tom Selleck "haunted" by Indiana Jones role?

Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones?
It almost happened.
The handsome mustachioed star was offered the iconic role back in 1981, but was forced to turn it down due to a recently signed contract with Universal Studios - the hut TV series "Magnum P.I."
“We ended up doing a screen test with Tom Selleck and Sean Young and it was really, really good,” George Lucas said in an interview. “They’re both terrific actors and it turned out really well.”
Instead, the 6’3” actor went on to play detective Thomas Magnum on the ‘80s hit, “Magnum P.I.”
Ironically, Selleck would have had time plenty of time to film “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” due to a six-month writer’s strike.

The Daily Mail reports that Selleck, now 66, is "haunted" by the missed opportunity which help make Harrison Ford famous.

Sure, Selleck did ok.

But "Three Men and a Baby", "Her Alibi", "Blue Blood" and several other roles doesn't ease the pain of the success missed with the Indy franchise.

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Tom Selleck Screen Test for "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Screen test shots of the actor auditioning for the role of the famed archaeologist/adventurer have emerged, with the star even donning the wide-brimmed hat made famous by HarrisonFord in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Reports claim that Selleck was forced to turn down the role in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as he had signed to star in cult TV series "Magnum PI" and the studio would not release him.

In a cruel twist of fate, shooting on the series was delayed by six months due to writers' strikes, meaning Selleck could have done both.

One person who will certainly be happy that Selleck passed on the part is Ford, whose status as a leading man was cemented by the role and the following prequel and sequels.

He went on to star in box office hits such as Patriot Games, Airforce One and What Lies Beneath. He most recently reprised the role in 2008 in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Magnum PI, meanwhile, ran for eight years and Selleck went on to star in a number of big-screen hits including "Three Men and a Baby."

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