Monday, January 23, 2012

Wikipedia updated: CBS to blame for Selleck NOT being Indiana Jones

It would have changed the course of many movies and some television shows thereafter. Harrison Ford has become a movie icon, while Magnum P.I. opened up the crime genre for the 80s with several owing their success to CBS’s high ratings. It’s impossible to imagine anyone other than Ford as Indiana Jones.
From Wikipedia:
During an intensive casting process, Lucas and Spielberg auditioned many actors, and finally cast then little-known actor Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones. Shortly afterward pre-productionbegan in earnest on Raiders of the Lost Ark.However, CBS refused to release Selleck from his contractual commitment to Magnum, P.I. (which was gradually gaining momentum in theratings), forcing him to turn down the role.One of CBS’s concerns was that shooting forMagnum P.I. conflicted with shooting for Raiders, both of which were to begin about the same time. However, Selleck was to say later in an interview that shooting for Magnum P.I.was delayed and did not actually begin until shooting for Raiders had concluded.

Monday, January 9, 2012

1983 Playboy interview Tom Selleck No regrets on missing Indiana Jones role

Playboy: Do you admit that the biggest selling factor in High Road was Tom Selleck? The picture made money, but the reviews were mixed, at best.

Selleck: Well, I think it was a good movie, but if people came to see me, that's great. I hope they keep coming, because I want to keep making movies. And I prefer calling them movies. I think we can really get full of ourselves when all of a sudden it's "careers" and "films."
Playboy: Didn't you almost become a movie star before becoming a TV star when George Lucas offered you Harrison Ford's role in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Selleck: Yes. I was also going to do Victor/Victoria, by Blake Edwards. Both would have been exciting projects, but when there were scheduling conflicts, I chose Magnum.

Playboy: Any regrets?

Selleck: No. I can't imagine anybody doing a better job than Ford did. It's his movie, his accomplishment. It was offered to me, and I tested for it. I'd already done the pilot for Magnum, and when Lucas and Steven Spielberg offered me Raiders, CBS picked up my option for Magnum. The network tried to talk them into delaying it, but it didn't work. I have always felt a sense of accomplishment in that I tested for the part and got it.

I know it's easy for me to say now, since Magnum became such a hit. Raiders was such a successful film that had Magnum gone on the air and been canceled after four shows, I might have been depressed. Really depressed.
[Another knock. "Rehearsals, Tom!" After a half hour, the interview resumes.]

Playboy: You've been called the new Gable, the new Redford, the new Newman. Is that kind of PR hard to live up to?

Selleck: If it comes from the PR people, I say, "Forget it, guys." I just laugh. If a critic says it, I think all you can be is flattered by that stuff. There isn't going to be another Gable or Redford or Newman. To be mentioned in the same sentence is real flattering. I'm a big fan of all those people. The problem with buying any of that stuff yourself is that next year, they'll be calling somebody else the new Gable. If you really buy that, you've got a long way to fall when it changes--and it will change. Actors have a lot of hills and valleys in their careers, and I see no reason that I won't have a few more valleys in the future. I don't want to fall that far.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tom Selleck did NOT turn down Indiana Jones

Another false rumor about the star 'turning down' the role in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - check out this blog and you will read that Selleck was already UNDER CONTRACT and could not do the project.

From an article titled: 5 popular actors who turned down unbelievable movie roles

Yep, the ‘stache that fired up the libidos of many a modern day cougar back in the ’80s, turned down the role. Instead, he decided to pursue the “Magnum P.I.” television series. Harrison Ford swept right in, and earned millions from the trilogy and residuals. Selleck got a semi-famous role on a short lived television show and the chance to bang a bunch of bikini bunnies in Hawaii. I guess it is all about perspective…

Photo/Lolo000 via wikicommons